Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lofty Goals and Realistic Expectations

I suppose writing a blog is a little bit of a selfish thing.  It's a few minutes of time set aside, where no housework will get done, no meals will be made, no projects will be completed.  It's also a few minutes where, egotistically, we can hope that someone else out there might find these written words at least nominally interesting.  Why do blogs exist anyway?  Why do people care what anyone else has to say?  Why should I care if they care?

I've hardly written a thing in four years.  I have files and files and files where journal entries, short stories, and attempted novels sit unused, unread.  I know it's a waste.  At one time I considered myself an actual writer.  At one time, I felt so confident that it was my "destiny" (whatever that is), or at least some type of calling, but whatever it was, it was my beckoning career.

Unfortunately, you can't have a career when you don't even dabble.

I was asked the other day, "Why don't you have a blog?"  Well, that was an interesting question.  Why don't I have a blog?  Probably because I don't write anymore, and even if I did...well, that doesn't matter.  I have one now.

Maybe the better question is, "Why don't you write anymore?"  And I could come up with a hundred answers to that very probing inquiry.  I don't know what the real answer is.  But whether I write or not, I have to remember that I can write.  It's doesn't have to be good.  It probably won't be good.  Someone once told me that you have to write a lot of crap in order to get something good.  So maybe the fact that my adoring fans are expecting a riveting blog entry every couple of days or so will force me to write at least something.  And maybe, just maybe, a tiny little gem will rise to the surface, somewhere in the midst of a thousand attempts.

I don't want this to be a chronicle of my life, my daily adventures (or lack thereof).  I suppose I could wish for something philosophical, posing deep, self-altering questions, but I've never been that intelligent.  This is just a place to write.  If you don't like it, I don't care.  I probably won't even like it.

But at least I'll be writing.  So there.


  1. Yep, at least you'll be writing! I know there are sites out there that provide a daily writing prompt. Maybe you could bookmark one of them, in case you feel like writing but aren't sure what to say. And hey, if you don't write every day (no one expects you to! who has time for that?), you'll have several of those daily writing prompts to choose from since last time :)
    Yay blog!

  2. "Selfish" is such a negative word. There's no shame in doing for one's self something that heightens your sense of happiness and well-being. At least that's why I blog, write. It's what makes me me. It's what I do to say, "Hey! I'm not just diaper changes and cooking dinner." Although I love doing the later... No. Writing is what I LOVE to do, just as you LOVE to write. Even if our writing sucks, we still love it. You HAVE to put time into yourself and not feel guilty about it, or you'll miss the whole point of it. God gave you a life to experience and talents to share. I'm a cheerleader for anyone willing to put themselves first for a few minutes a day and say, "Hey! I love me and I love to do this!" I'll cheer them on 'till the cows come home. It's up to them to bring it. ;)