Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Reality and Clarity

Do dreams really mean anything?  Are they signals?  Are they merely your subconscious desires coming to the surface?  Are they omens?  Should they be heeded in any way?

I know in the Bible, dreams meant something.  They were interpreted and turned out to be commands from God about a particular situation, or a warning.  I suppose that could be true today, as well, but how does one tell the difference between types of dreams?  I've had plenty of dreams that weren't omens or warnings or any type of foreshadowing, though I certainly may have wished them to be. 

Sometimes maybe it's not the dream itself, but the feeling it leaves you with, that you just can't shake.  Maybe that's the important part.  When a dream seems not necessarily real, but clear, and you carry it with you throughout the following day, perhaps that's when you should truly pay attention.

Maybe dreams are another kind of writing, an image that forces you to be honest with yourself, and there is no escaping during the dream itself.  And if that feeling lingers, there is no escaping once you're awake, either.  At that point, it seems futile to tell yourself that it was "just a dream."  Because maybe there is no such thing as "just a dream."  Even a nightmare can be some very real fears coming to fruition.  And it makes you see yourself more clearly.  Maybe it even helps you understand.

Whatever dreams are, they're not a waste.


  1. I have had a lot of weird dreams. But I have also had dreams (even weird ones) that I felt like they meant something. I think you are onto something with "the feeling it leaves you with" being the important part.

  2. ' maybe there is no such thing as "just a dream." '

    that sounds like a great start to a great novel! very wise observation. something to ponder on, for sure...

  3. OMG, just had a dream that was an entire novel...start to finish. I'd write it, only, I don't feel like I own it, KWIM? Like I found it in someone else's closet and stole it...but I'll write it anyway, maybe, as soon as I get this one done!...stolen moments...